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Choir welcomes members from grades ???. Choir meets on ?? from ??.


  • Develop and increase musical skills
  • Share in the excitement of performing
  • Learn the importance of self discipline and cooperation
  • Represent Village Elementary School at public performance events

RLAS Fine Arts Vision Statement

The RLAS Fine Arts Department strives to offer a high quality K-12 educational program that focuses on incorporating the Core Arts Standards and implementing a creative curricula that inspires students to make artistic connections to 21st century skills. The goal is to promote critical thinking and inspire a lifelong appreciation and advocacy for the arts. The teachers encourage students to make innovative connections and engage themselves in their own learning, while teaching them that creation in the arts is a process of self-expression.

All students who participate in the RLAS District 116 Fine Arts program will be able to develop, innovate, create, appreciate, and promote the Arts.

Fine Arts Boosters Website



elementary choir singing
elementary choir singing
elementary choir singing

Schedules and Results

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